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Ax Wound Newsletter #1

Ax Wound Newsletter #1
September 25, 2008

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I. Monthly Newsletter
II. Paper Zine
III. Social Network: The Core
V. Radio
VI. Video Zines

I. MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: This is the first of what will be a re-occurring event. Aren’t you excited? I will post a Newsletter just like this lovely one here every week or two. I will post this on Livejournal, the Pretty/Scary message boards, Myspace, The Ax Wound social network, as Ax Wound Radio announcements, and when I figure out the best way to do it I will create an actual mailing list. Any advice you may have on good hosts for setting up large mailing list? I have never done that before.

II. AX WOUND PAPER ZINE: You probably know this but the paper zine has been around for almost six years now. (I think!) And only two issues are in print. In case you can’t tell Ax Wound is something very important to me and I feel like I haven’t made it a big enough priority. I had an experience recently watching Baise Moi with a group of feminist women and having a 2-hour discussion that blew me away. I came to all these conclusions and thought of new questions I never would have formulated without that conversation and mix of brain power. That being said, the paper zine is going to come out 4 times a year. I will be making very strict deadlines for myself and submissions from others. I also plan to re-vamp the zine and make it look more creative, better editing, good copy quality, etc. Still all cut n’ pasted completely by hand though. I plan to publish work that I feel INCREDIBLY proud or honored to share with people. Some submissions may end up on the website if they are to long to print. I want the zine to be intelligent, fun, and get people talking/thinking. I want to build up the community of female horror fans who want to discuss cultural, social, sexual, analysis of these films.

III. THE AX WOUND SOCIAL NETWORK: I never would have known about the ability to create a social network without the amazing WE MAKE ZINES community. My whole intention of creating Ax Wound originally was to bring women/feminist/intelligent horror fans together to discuss what these films mean and how they make us feel. I love discussions about any sort of horror film cultural analysis, feminist view points on horror film interpretation, and disagreements welcome as long as all stays respectful. You don’t need to be an academic either! Just share your feelings on the recent or past films you loved/hated/etc. Also use this as a place to meet other feminist horror fans and network on films, zines, and horror projects. This site allows you to design your own profile, add friends, blog, create discussions, upload tons of photos and media. This could be an amazing media place & community to throw out our ideas and get real conversation started. My hope is that the paper zine will eventually be able to form around the subject matter being discussed on this site!

IV. The amazing Miki Hickel will be adding a lot to the site soon. It will house updated film reviews, stuff that is to long or not appropriate for the paper zine, articles, a much longer mission statement (short essay length that also will be a sort of FAQ). The website will also be the place to purchase zines, ax wound buttons, stickers, underground films I chose to sell along with the rare awesome horror zine I find and wanna sell too. So in a sense this will be a small female friendly horror zine/website & film distro.

V. RADIO!: Yes, Starting around the end of October (I do not have the official date planned yet) I will launch a bi-weekly or monthly (depending on peoples ability to be on the show) radio show to interview horror filmmakers, fans, discuss themes in the genre, etc.

VI. VIDEO ZINES: You may know that I have been working on a video zine all about the term “torture porn.” This will be available for you to finally view on Halloween along with the launching of a lot of this other new exciting stuff. I plan to make Ax Wound video collages a few times a year or whenever the inspiration strikes. The video zines will explore themes in the genre in a more visual way as opposed to essay/zine style.

Please remember that my main goal is creating a community. And I feel that with the addition of the Ax Wound Social Network everything can be streamlined into this one awesome space just for us!

Look for more updates soon! I will be working on Ax Wound every day.

Coming Next: The Brand New AX WOUND Mission Statement and details on all the above!


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